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Thin Man
Suzanne Vega - Thin Man (339) (Slender Man Mythos)
His face is plain, without a smile, like that of a porcelain doll. His eyes are on us, when we aren't looking, and when we are there is no eyes, just a smile, thin like his body, ravaged by the wind. And he smiles, and he smiles.
And when we finally cannot take his stare, we turn around, knowing that every heartbeat could be the last one. It never comes. His smile disappears, we can feel it in the small hairs in our neck, that feel his eyes, his smileless stare, his thin long fingers almost touching, almost caressing.
What does he want with us? He just stares and stands behind us, shadowing our every move, and when we turn around he smiles.
Maybe he is lonely, we thought. That's why he smiles.
Maybe he is happy, we thought, to see us. To see that someone knows he's there. Tall and unmoving, and still always after us, looming over us, maybe even guarding us, we thought.
Maybe he loves us, we thought and we thought about Wizard of
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Better Man
He says he wants to be a better man. He is pretending to be one. Only pretending, because it doesn't require as much effort as actually being one.
He was never a good man to begin with. I wouldn't have loved him if he had been. Girls like the evil ones, the ones with darker sides, tricksters, cheaters. Who can blame us? They are charmers. He was a charmer.
Not anymore, tho. Now, he wants to be a better man, take responsibilities, sleep well his nights. No more adventures. But he can't do it. It is something new, and it's a skin he is too big, too vivid to wear. So he just pretends to take those responsibilities, instead he just wanders through, or around them, not knowing what to do. He pretends to sleep well his nights, but I can hear him tossing and turning next to me. His body doesn't need sleep, it needs alcohol, and adrenaline, just like his lungs need no air, just smoke from a cigarette. He pretends to breathe air, and I can see how unreal it is to him.
He pretends that there's n
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Believe me
Believe me,
it was doomed from the beginning
WE were
you're so beautiful
I want to be
to look at you
without feeling sick,
you leave a bad taste in my mouth
but we'll be fine
I hear every word you say
not true
but I still believe
when you whisper
i love you
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Doodles by Nemisor Doodles :iconnemisor:Nemisor 1 4
And already
   we are way off our league
  when it comes to such things
         as our love
    It didn't dare to speak it's name,
               terrified of the competition
  so it whispered
        and only we heard.
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you have been a long day
          purple skies
                          of so
                   much more
        closed eyes
                          looking for
                                      a victim
         Let's go. find her,
:iconnemisor:Nemisor 0 4
     You are a handy
                   woman, nothing but
         hands and fingers
               pushing against my skin
                                 for attention
   for my hand to take
                     even one of yours
:iconnemisor:Nemisor 2 6
17. Blood
Paint your lips
for the evening out
wear the long dress, the red one.
Feel the lungs filling with
red hot liquid
Down you cheeks,
and skin,
blueprints and roads,
all painted in color
Your family's blood
might be blue
but yours is just as
red as mine
as it paints the asphalt
after the dinner
:iconnemisor:Nemisor 1 2
Perfectly Haunted/Kiss Me, Hold Me/No Fairytales
He is always there. In the corner of your eye, working as it is. You know him, hardly. You talk to him from time to time, because you are his boss and he talks back to you. And you find out that he is all kinds of fragile and you find yourself actually caring. And sometimes he smiles. And it's kind of perfect, sometimes.
And sometimes it is not. He gets a phone call, in the middle of the day. His father has finally died, and he breaks down, crumbles to the floor in the middle of the office, no words, no sound. You go to him and
in moments, when you pick him up from the floor, he clings to you, for mere seconds. You understand what he needs, his hands tightly gripping your shoulders, almost on your neck, almost in your hair, his head against your shoulder, his lips almost on your cheek, almost on your lips. But not now,
later. You tell everyone, you're going to look after him and you will. You can't let him fall. He's in his apartm
:iconnemisor:Nemisor 2 3
Heartbreaking blue
his eyes are heart-
breaking blue
and a smile a
way too much to handle
I'm holding his face between my hands
wishing I could see
the sky is heart-
breaking blue
but the clouds are rolling
over to
we are getting emptier
I can't feel blue anymore
I am watching him again
and we are moving on and on and on and ON
wondering why things never change,
not even the sky
everything's kind of
blue and we're through and through, and oh, he's still mine
listening to "About a boy"
and it's always about him
because his eyes are more
than mine
I still do not feel love,
don't look me into eyes,
no, no, no,
they are too
and a smile
I lied.
it has always been about
but there's nothing to break now,
except his eyes, all-
ready beyond it all
:iconnemisor:Nemisor 1 4

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